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6 Innovative Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

The vision of the future, which was spelled out in sitcoms such as The Jetsons and movies such as Back to the Future II, isn’t as far off as you’d imagine. While we’re on the subject of Back to the Future II, this year (2015) is the year that Marty McFly travels to, or for a better word, crashes into.

While flying cars remain to be seen, our future lets us see who’s entering our homes via live feed, turn on and off the lights, even play with our four legged friends remotely all by using something we carry around with us daily – our smartphone. Guess what? You can get your hands on these and more…now!


When you’re an animal lover, it can sometimes be far easy to feel guilty about leaving our furry friends at home, especially when they give you those “puppy” eyes. The Petcube is a video-camera system that allows you to watch live feed of your pets as well as play with them from anywhere you are.


The Netatmo Welcome Camera uses facial recognition technology to alert you whenever your family members arrive home. If it detects someone unrecognizable, you’ll get a ping. It even lets you view a livestream at any time using your smartphone or tablet.


Why wash one load, when you can do two? The LG Twin Wash System has transformed a traditional pedestal drawer into a second washer; thus providing you with the opportunity to wash colors and whites or towels and delicates all at the same time.


This is not your average lightbulb! The Sengled Snap is a light fixture that doubles as a security system with built in motion sensor, microphone, wireless camera and facial recognition software. The Snap is designed to work with existing home or lamps’ electrical infrastructure.


If you’re anything like me, you probably lose the TV remote daily, but always seem to have you smartphone in hand. With the Pronto Peel Smart Remote, you never need to worry about losing the remote again, as it’s a hub that works with iPhone to allow you to control your TV, Blu-ray player and more.


Ecovent is a smart thermostat that allows you to set the temperature in each and every room of your house individually. The device utilizes hidden smart sensors that look like normal household plugs to monitor a room’s individual climate. Ecovent is compatible with many popular smart thermometers.

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