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8 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs in Rising Heat

lower cooling costs

Summer is here and while the temperatures outside are rising, your energy costs don’t have to burn holes in your pockets. Let the experts at A&H Electric show you how to reduce your energy expenses this summer without sacrificing your comfort.

#1. Set the thermostat between 78 to 80 degrees when you are home and up to 85 degrees when you are away. For every degree you set your thermostat above 80 degrees, you can save approximately 2 to 3% on cooling costs.

#2. Install a programmable thermostat. Raising the temperature seven degrees when no one’s home and four degrees at bedtime during the summer, along with proper programming in the winter, can save you more than $180 annually according to Energy Star.

#3. Set your thermostat to “auto.” This makes sure that the fan only runs when the air conditioner is running rather than running 24-hour a day, 7-days a week, as is often the case when the thermostat is set to “on”.

#4. Routinely change your air conditioner’s air filter. Many people install their air filter and forget about it. But when filters become clogged with dirt and dust, you air conditioner has to work harder to ensure your comfort, thus raising your energy bills. You should change or clean you filter once every 30 days during the summer.

#5. Turning lights off when you leave a room is a good way to save energy and, thus, lower your energy bill. Your actual savings depends on the type of lightbulbs you use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Remember to get your whole family to perform this money saving task.

#6. Switch to an “off-peak” energy-rate plan. These plans reward customers with reduced pricing for using energy during periods of time considered off-peak. Many electricity companies throughout Texas offer assorted plans.

#7. Seal air leaks. Caulking air leaks can save you up to 20% on your monthly cooling bill. You can also use spray foam. Focus on the windows and doors first followed by electrical outlets, switch plates, vents, electrical or gas service entrances, and attic hatches.

#8. Use ceiling fans throughout your home. Use ceiling fans to cool your home and set your thermostat two degrees higher. During the summer, you should have your ceiling fans running on high with the air blowing down. This will save you the most money while ensuring maximum comfort.

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