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Are You Protected Against Power Surges?

Do you have expensive electronics such as big screen TVs, bluray players, and gaming consoles? Then you need a surge protector! Surge protectors, which aren’t necessarily the same as power strips, can keep all of your electronics and appliances safe from becoming useless due to a power surge.

Dangerous Power Surges & Spikes

Your home’s electrical sockets were designed to provide a consistent amount of voltage; which your electronics depend on for power. An increase in the amount of voltage they receive, no matter how short, can have devastating effects on both your electronics and wallet.

What causes power surges? Power surges are often the result of lightning strikes, power outages, and malfunctions in the power grid (your electricity company is responsible for maintaining the grid). Surges tend to last at least three nanoseconds. Anything less than that is considered a spike.

Power surges can, unfortunately, break down the electronics’ circuit board, wires, or both – no matter how old (or new) it may have been. The increase in voltage can render them completely inoperable. Damaged upon repair the only remedy is replacement.

So How Do You Protect Yourself?

You install a surge protector of course! Surge protectors, which easily connect to a standard electrical outlet, can safeguard you from a power surge’s potentially devastating results. Relatively inexpensive, surge protectors generally come in a magnitude of sizes; even travel sizes.

I personally have one that was designed to fit 10 devices plus my modem’s coax cables (in and out). Surge protectors work by diverting the energy over the safe threshold to a protective componenent that ensures only the safe amount of voltage reaches your electronics.

For the peace-of-mind you’ll receive – surges protectors are priceless!

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