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Common Residential Wiring Problems

With temperatures in the 90s, Texans are relying on their air conditioners to help keep them cool and comfortable, so the last thing anyone wants to deal with is residential wiring problems. If your lights flicker each time the air conditioner or another major appliance kicks on, or you’re using too many surge protectors to power your work-from-home equipment, then its advisable to contact a certified electrician. These may be signs that your house has a wiring issue.

Flickering Lights

There are several reasons for the lights in your home to flicker. It may be a simple fix, such as a loose bulb or faulty fixture, or something far more complex. Do the lights flash in response to turning on the light or powering on an appliance? Then there may be a problem with either your electric current or wiring, both of which are best left addressed by a certified electrician.

Not Enough Outlets

Having an inadequate number of outlets to power all your gadgets – especially if you’re still working remotely – increases the need to rely on surge protectors. While no electrical problem exists with this habit, if you’re not overloading the circuit, you may want to consider contacting an electrician. An electrician can wire new outlets, including GFCIs and those with built-in USB Type C ports, for the ultimate in charging convenience.

Unwanted Visitors

Rodents love to find warm places to hang their “home sweet home” sign. They can make their nests in walls, crawlspaces, and other areas where they can chew through your wiring. If you see or hear any activity in your walls, it’s essential to contact a trap company, and if you’re experiencing problems with your electric system, an electrician to repair any diagnosed damage.

Residential Electrical Services

From residential wiring to repair, A&H Electric can expertly handle all your electrical projects, regardless of complexity. There is no job too big or small for our licensed and insured electricians. The following is a shortlist of the services we provide to homeowners throughout Conroe and neighboring communities.

  • Whole-house generator installation
  • Breaker panel and circuit service
  • Lighting installation and repair
  • Outlet and switch installation
  • ARC-fault breaker installation
  • Home electrical safety checks
  • Upgrade electrical service
  • Surge protection
  • Code corrections
  • New wiring

Upon arrival, a certified electrician will troubleshoot any issues, identifying the root cause of the problem. You’ll be provided with an explanation of their findings in which you’re welcome to ask any questions, as well as their recommendation, along with an upfront estimated cost and time scheduled so that you may make an informed decision.

Residential Wiring Installation, Service, & Repair

It is essential to have a certified electrician, like A&H Electric, complete all electrical work to ensure your system is up to code and operating reliably and safely. Schedule an appointment with an electrical contractor experienced in residential wiring installation, service, and repair today at (936) 756-0442. A&H Electric is a certified residential and commercial electrician specializing in installation, service, and repair. Our company is proud to offer our services in Conroe and the surrounding communities of Texas.

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