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Don't Let Your Power Bill Ruin Your Holiday

Don’t Let Your Power Bill Ruin Your Holiday

Christmas is nearly around the corner! With all these fun decorations, power bills aren’t very fun after the holidays have come and gone. Lighting bills around this time of year usually go up by about 10 percent – depending on how extravagant your lighting display is.

How does one decorate and celebrate the holiday with full spirit without upping the power bill so much? A few smart moves like contacting a residential electrician when decorating this season and making adjustments can help bring out the best decorations without the hefty bill. 

  • Switch to LED Christmas Lights:
    You can save up to 90% on your energy costs by switching to LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights are safe and durable, requiring far less electricity than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.
  • All in the Timing:
    The smartest way to save money on holiday lights is to be smart about when you turn them on and how much time you use them. You can set automatic timers throughout your home and holiday displays. We recommend setting the timer to turn on lights at 5:00 PM and scheduling them out for four to five hours after.
  • Battery Operated Decorations:
    Battery-operated garland and door wreaths may be the perfect solution if you are looking to save money on your energy bills. Rechargeable batteries, however, will save you money on replacement costs.
  • Thinking Smaller:
    For many homeowners, the holiday season is the perfect time to “go big or go home”. However, if you don’t want your power bills to skyrocket, you may want to think smaller – especially if you are trying to outdo your neighbor – in good-spirited neighbor rivalry, of course.

Need Electrical Repair? Consult a Licensed Electrician

Electrical issues are a significant cause for concern, particularly between November and February. The NFPA says that two out of five residential fires caused by electrical failure or malfunction occurred during this time. So should anything seem amiss as you’re decking the holidays, don’t delay; consult a licensed electrician like A&H Electric to troubleshoot the issues and make the necessary repairs.

A&H Electric Co. has over thirty years of experience providing residential and commercial electrical repair, service, and installation. We offer a full suite of services, not limited to electrical safety inspections and surge protection installation, with all work performed by certified electricians. Please don’t hesitate to make a service appointment with A&H Electric whenever you need a commercial or residential electrician to service your home or business, even if it’s after hours, as we provide 24-hour emergency electrical services.

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