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Eliminating Drafts Around Electrical Outlets

Eliminating Drafts Around Electrical Outlets

Wind drafts within a home can be more than just a nuisance. It is possible they are signs of air leaks, which can lead to reduced energy efficiency and higher monthly energy costs. Whether you’re feeling the chill or you’re tired of receiving high electricity bills, you should check your electrical outlets and switches for leaks if you have already sealed around your doors and windows.

A draft proof home is more energy efficient – and more comfortable – reducing your utility bills by stopping them in their tracks. Contact a local, licensed, residential electrician or use the method outlined below to help make the most cost-effective methods for making your home more energy-efficient. 

Holes Everywhere

Despite their innocent appearance, electrical outlets and light switch covers often harbor drafts – especially in older homes and on exterior walls. You are more likely to experience minimal air leaks from these boxes if your home’s exterior is airtight: if no air is entering your cavities, the problem should be minimal. 

Materials Required

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency by sealing off the outlets and switches with inexpensive foam seals that can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store. Make sure to purchase enough for every outlet and light switch cover in your home along with a couple tubes of high-quality caulk. You can further seal the leaks by buying tamper-resistant receptacles.

Steps for Eliminating Drafts:

#1. Remove the outlet and light switch covers.

#2. Run a thin bead of caulk where the box meets the drywall.

#3. While the caulk is still wet, apply the foam seal on top, pressing firmly so that it connects with the caulk. This makes for an airtight seal.

#4. Install tamper-resistant receptacles or spring-loaded outlet covers. These are marketed for both energy-efficiency and child proofing. They’re a win, win!

Contact a Certified Electrician in Conroe

A&H Electric Co. has over thirty years of experience providing residential and commercial electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. We offer a full suite of services, not limited to electrical safety inspections and whole home rewiring, with all work performed by experienced technicians. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment anytime you need a certified electrician in Conroe to service your home or business, even if it’s after hours, as we offer 24-hour emergency repairs.

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