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Focus on Electrical Savings this Spring

The official start of spring is a few short days away. The new season is associated with fresh beginnings, making it an ideal time to fling the windows open, allowing natural light and air to infuse your home while you spruce it up.

It’s time to grab some organizational and cleaning supplies and get to work.

It’s also essential, particularly since daylight savings time has begun, to prioritize energy-saving and electrical safety improvements. If your electrical system requires repairs or you’re adding new equipment, then you’ll want to hire a licensed electrician who services the Conroe, Texas area.

Here are some simple ways to improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

Seal Leaks

Most households are losing energy without even realizing it. That’s because the conditioned air is flowing outside through hidden leaks found around your home. Typical electrical areas of concern include recessed lighting, outlet boxes, and light switches. Several sealing air leak techniques include installing insulating seals, caulking around windows, and applying weatherstripping around doors.

Advanced Surge Protectors

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing an advanced surge protector is a cost-effective way to improve energy-efficiency as they prevent vampire loads, which continue to consume power even when they’re “off.” Many of the available strips offer individual outlets, so you can turn off power to only one device while using the others.

Install a Smart Thermostat

On warm spring days when you’d rather be out admiring the area’s native wildflowers, a smart thermostat can adjust indoor temperatures to reflect your coming and going habits, helping to reduce energy consumption and save on cooling costs. The compatible app allows you to adjust temperatures remotely and monitor your energy usage.

Open the Blinds for Natural Light

You’d be amazed at how much electricity all the lights in your home use. Information that a professionally installed energy usage monitor can accurately provide. A licensed electrician should professionally install these. During the daytime, open your home’s blinds and curtains, allowing the sun to offer efficient amounts of light. Natural lights can also provide a boost of Vitamin D.

Hire a Licensed Electrician to Service Your Electric

A&H Electric Co. is a certified and licensed electrician specializing in residential and commercial installation, service, and repair. Our company also offers 24-hour repair services in the Conroe, Houston, and The Woodlands area.

Please contact us at (936) 756-0442 to schedule a service appointment.

Our electricians possess the equipment and knowledge required to ensure your system is fully operational. We’re committed to doing the job right the first time. All work will be performed in a craftsman-like manner and carry a full one-year warranty.


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