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Is Your Outlet Sparking When Plugging in Something?

Is Your Outlet Sparking When Plugging in Something?

It’s not uncommon for an outlet to spark here and there, so you most likely have had it happen to you. Did you ever wonder why it may be happening and if there was a way to fix it?

Causes of Outlets Sparking

Electrical outlets in a home have become a crucial feature in the last 100+ years, providing electrical power to appliances and anything requiring electricity within your home. As stated above, you most likely have dealt with a sparking outlet when plugging in something; this unfortunately is never a good thing as it can potentially lead to an electrical fire. If you notice a sparking outlet, contact an electrician right away. 

Exposed Wiring

A potential cause of sparking could be exposed wiring, which means the insulation around the wiring has deteriorated over time or may be missing. Exposed wires can cause short circuits and sparking if they are touching. 

Improper Wiring

Another strong possibility could be due to improper wiring, this could be a form of terminal wiring that is loose or the internal contact is poor. If the outlet feels hot to the touch, this could result in sparking. 

Overloaded Receptacle

Most outlets are designed to have only two plugs in them, having multiple adapters plugged in to plug in more electrical units, can cause instability in the outlet and can be very dangerous. If you need to utilize multiple adapters, try using surge protectors instead. 

These are ways to identify an issue with your outlet and if you become suspicious of electrical problems, have a certified professional electrician take a look at the problem. 

Contact a Certified Electrician in Conroe

A&H Electric Co. has over thirty years of experience providing residential and commercial electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. We offer a full suite of services, not limited to electrical safety inspections and whole home rewiring, with all work performed by experienced technicians. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment anytime you need a certified electrician in Conroe to service your home or business, even if it’s after hours, as we offer 24-hour emergency repairs.

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