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Tips to Save Energy While Working from Home

As people continue to work from home – for which there are substantial environmental and financial benefits – higher utility bills may be an unfortunate reality for many. Employees need equipment that, when used continuously, for up to eight hours a day, consumes a lot of energy. That includes their computers, computer components, printers/scanners, tablets, and other essential gadgets. With these tips from a certified electrician, though, you can save energy and money while working from home without compromising productivity.

Change Your Plan

Contact your electric service provider and ask whether they offer money-saving residential plans. Often referred to as time-of-use plans, these programs offer lower rates during off-peak hours. The goal is to reduce electricity demand during peak hours. When looking at plans, if applicable, it’s essential to seriously consider your work hours and the number of appliances/equipment you use. That will help you make an informed decision.

Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

There are plenty of energy-efficient products, including office equipment, from trusted manufacturers. ENERGY STAR certified products are designed to use significantly less energy than standard models. Their operation and idle demands are much more efficient. Using LED bulbs, along with opening curtains during the daytime, can save you even more money on your monthly utility bills.

Install a Smart Home Energy Monitor

Get a better understanding of your energy consumption by hiring a certified electrician to install a smart home energy monitor. These devices are connected to an appropriately labeled breaker panel. That will come in handy both during installation and operation. Once professionally installed, the energy affords you the opportunity to see how much power appliances and equipment are drawing at any given moment, using just your smartphone.

Contact a Certified Electrician in Conroe

Have a certified electrician do an electrical inspection to ensure your system is operating reliably and safely. Doing this can also save you energy as an electrician can identify costly problems that may impact your energy consumption. Schedule an appointment with an electrical contractor today at (936) 756-0442. A&H Electric is a residential and commercial electrical contractor specializing in electric installation, repair, and service. Our company services Conroe and the surrounding communities of Texas.

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