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Why is my outlet sparking when I plug in something?

A&H Electricians in Houston TexasCauses of Outlets Sparking

Not many people think about it but outlets are one of the most important features in a house; they provide electrical power to all the appliances and electronics in your home.  We’re sure that you have had the experience of plugging a cord into an outlet and it sparks.  There are many reasons why this could happen and none of them are good; this could lead to an electrical fire.  Make sure that if an outlet ever sparks to contact an electrician right away.

Exposed Wiring

The sparking could be caused by exposed wiring this means that the insulation around the wiring has deteriorated or is missing for some reason. These exposed wires touching each other can cause short circuits and sparking.

Improper Wiring

Improper wiring is also a very strong possibility if you are getting sparking in an outlet; this could mean that the terminal wiring is loose or the internal contact is poor.  If the outlet feels hot to the touch this may be the cause of the sparking. Remember that these are just some of the things that might be causing sparking.  You should leave any actual electrical work to a certified professional electrician.

Overloaded Receptacle

Sparking could also be caused by an overloaded receptacle.  Outlets are designed to have two plugs in them so if you have multiple adapters or converters plugged in this could cause instability in the outlet.  If this is the case, try using surge protectors instead.

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