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Bulb Education: What Is A Tubular Fluorescent Light?

Tubular Fluorescent Light - Houston, TexasUnlike Incandescent lights, tubular fluorescent lights are one of the most efficient type of lighting you can have, averaging up to 20,000 hours of lighting. Most commonly found in commercial buildings tubular fluorescent lights have made leaps and bounds in their design.  There are now small diameter lamps like the T-10 and T-8 that are super-efficient.

Unlike incandescent lights, tubular fluorescent lights efficiency doesn’t depend strictly on the bulb but the lamp and ballast system you have it in. There are both magnetic and the more modern electronic ballasts but with either type they are required to meet a governmental standard of efficiency.

If you are thinking about getting this type of lighting in your home make sure to hire a certified electrician to do the installation since any electrical work can be very dangerous if not done correctly.

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