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Capacity Market: What Is It?


In just about a week, Texas’ 10 year electricity forecast will be released and the Texas Public Utility Commission will finally be making a decision on whether or not to switch Texas to a capacity market, after months of debating. It all started in 2011 when freezing temperatures caused Texas’ electric infrastructure to experience blackouts caused from the winter storm. Since then, many plans have been mentioned to help prevent residents from having no power for hours, days, and/or weeks. This has made being able to have “extra” electricity available more important.

The capacity market was introduced in hopes of solving this type of problem. Capacity energy is the ability to have energy that is stored and becomes available during cold weathers or other factors that can affect the state’s electrical grid. A writer from Power wrote earlier this month, “the odds that the Texas electricity market will undergo change this year are high” (Maize, 2014). Although, a few factors are still being considered. One factor being the increase or decrease of the cost of either markets, energy-only or capacity (Maize, 2014). Read more about this debate by Clicking Here.

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