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Power Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Imagine dining under the stars, having a backyard movie night, or unwinding next to the warmth of a outdoor fireplace. If these activities appeal to you, you may want to consider extending your living space outdoors. No shortage of interior features can be created outdoors, assuming a professional, certified electrician has completed the proper electrical...

Is Overnight Device Charging Safe?

Raise your hand if you’ve plugged in your phones, tablets, or laptops just before falling asleep. The promise of waking up fully rested, ready to go about our days, with a fully charged electronic device to assist us is quite alluring. Then there are those who’ve been told that overnight device charging is incredibly bad...

Phantom Loads Revealed

The electricity consumed by common home gadgets and appliances despite being switched off is referred as phantom loads. The convenience popular products afford you comes with a price tag. According to a 2015 report by the Natural Resources Defenses Council (NRDC), plugged-in devices continually draw power, costing you $165 annually and increasing your carbon footprint....

Home Automation Systems Save You Money

Automating Your Home As home energy prices continue to climb…and climb…and, well you get the picture, in a time when many homeowners are still feeling the effects of a bad economy, home automation systems are being used to alleviate the headaches associated with a homeowner’s rising energy costs. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration,...

This Math Problem Will Change Your Home, Forever; All You Need Is Time, Patience, & a Little Curiosity

It is safe to say that most people own at least one computer. Owning a computer may also mean owning accessories for your personal computer. For example, speakers, an additional monitor, printer, modem, router, keyboard, and mouse. For those who use their computers for picture sharing or school work may also have an external flash...