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Whole House Generators: Powering on Demand

Some dangers rear their ugly head without any warning, as we have already evidenced with the United States’ recent natural disasters, but knowing this – knowing that danger is around every dark corner of the world – doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t protect ourselves for its arrival.

In fact, when we prepare ourselves for dangerous situations, our chances of surviving increases significantly. Taking precautionary measures such as ensuring you’re not left in the dark for any extended period of time should a storm take out your electricity aids in your survival just as much as any other measure.

This is especially important for older adults. As well as those that may be more susceptible to hypothermia (below normal body temperatures) or hyperthermia (exceptionally high fevers) during intense cold or heat conditions. Ensuring your electricity remains on is also important for maintaining your quality of life.

Whole House Generators: Your Solution to Power Outages

One solution, which experts all seem to agree on, is whole house generators. While these type of generators can be quite expensive, when you consider the fact that 3.5 million Americans can be left without power in any given week, they just may be worth the expense.

The way whole house generators work is actually quite simple. Built to look much like an air conditioning unit, except for the fact that they are enclosed and are much larger, these types of generators power on automatically in the event your home goes off the grid.

They typically supply enough energy for your family to maintain your quality of life until the power is completely restored. And, although they’re expensive, they have the added benefit of increasing your home’s value; thus presenting you with the chance to net some of your expense back should you ever decide to move.

Whole House Generators: What You Should Look For

  • Generators come in a variety of sizes and workload capacities. You’ll want to ensure the one you purchase is capable of handling everything that you’ll want it to power until electricity is restored.
  • You should look for generators that have built-in transfer switches as this will ensure you don’t have to face the elements in order to turn the unit on by hand.
  • You should look for the highest quality units for maximum durability. Those that are made from stainless steel resist corrosion better than any other type of generator currently available.
  • These types of generators typically operate with the use of either natural gas or liquidized petroleum gas therefore its important to inquire about their fuel efficiency.
  • Whole house generators require professional installation. It is important to locate a professional electrician to ensure the proper placement and installation of your new unit.

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