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How to Properly Clean Your Electronic Devices

Do you spray Windex on everything and rub it down with a paper towel? While this may be okay for countertops, mirrors and if you’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, cuts and abrasions, it can cause all sorts of damage to your electronic devices.

I know what you’re probably thinking, and the answer is no, you won’t have to spend more time or money cleaning them. In fact, they are remarkably easy to clean if you do it right, and with the right cleaning solution.

Here’s how to properly clean your electronic devices.


One of the biggest enemies to your electronic devices is dust. Dust settles, thickens and eventually blocks the airflow of fans, vents and other critical components. Overheating can occur without airflow. Attract dust particles using a microfiber cloth.


More than most electronics, flat screen TVs, touch screens and computer monitors are vulnerable to damage from harsh or abrasive cleaning products. The ideal cleaning solution for these screens is two parts water to two parts white vinegar. Apply this solution to a microfiber cloth – never to the screen – to gently buff out spots. Be careful not to apply too much pressure.

Disc Players

The disc readers inside DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles are extremely delicate and may start generating errors if dust thickens on or in them. Look for disc cleaner kits that can clean both your devices and discs. Make sure it’s compatible with your device. Gently dust the device’s exterior using a microfiber cloth.


Keyboards get a ton of use, so they get dirty, fast. Before cleaning, be sure to unplug or otherwise disable them. Start by using a can of compressed air (found at your local office supply store) to blow out any debris. Then remove any buildup using cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are a magnet for germs and dirt, conveniently delivered by your, your family’s or your guest’s fingers. Spray compressed air between the buttons to loosen any embedded dirt and debris. Disinfect by wiping with an antibacterial wipe. Hit your video game controllers the same way.

Make cleaning your electronic devices part of your weekly cleaning routine to ensure dust, dirt and debris don’t wear them down, causing them to fail prematurely. If you need help powering your electronic devices, however, contact A&H Electric at (936) 756-0442.

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