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Power Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Imagine dining under the stars, having a backyard movie night, or unwinding next to the warmth of a outdoor fireplace. If these activities appeal to you, you may want to consider extending your living space outdoors. No shortage of interior features can be created outdoors, assuming a professional, certified electrician has completed the proper electrical work.

Electricity changes the name of the game in outdoor living spaces. Having a certified electrician provide electrical work allows you to power exterior kitchen appliances, big-screen televisions, pool and spa equipment, and electric fireplaces. Inspiration for outdoor living spaces can be found on Pinterest and home improvement sites.

Making sure that there is an adequate number of outlets is equally essential for plugging in all your gadgets, whether portable or stationary, so that there is little reason to head inside. Another factor to consider is the installation of lighting and ceiling fans. The latter will make it much more comfortable for you to spend time outside during the Texas summer.

Required Electrical Work

The type of electrical work you’ll need will ultimately depend on what you desire in an outdoor space. Let’s say you want a functional kitchen for cooking family dinners without heating the entire house. The appliances required for building this type of outdoor living space must comply with local codes. Your home may also need to be rewired to accommodate any new equipment.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outdoors. These devices are designed to trip the circuit breaker in the event of a ground-fault. For additional NEC and local code requirements, consult a certified electrical contractor, such as A&H Electric. 

Contact a Certified Electrician Today

Have a certified electrician complete all electrical work to ensure your system is operating reliably and safely. Schedule an appointment with an electrical contractor today at (936) 756-0442. A&H Electric is a certified residential and commercial electrician specializing in installation, repair, and service. Our company services Conroe and the surrounding communities of Texas.


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