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Circuit Breaker: What Is Its Purpose?

When the power suddenly goes out in the house, most people immediately check the circuit breaker. This is a step in the right direction, as all the electricity in the building must go through the circuit breaker, where it is determined if there is a problem in the current, such as being the electric current being too high. But how many people really know what the purpose of a circuit breaker is? A circuit breaker is a device that will automatically stop the flow of a current in an electric circuit to protect an electrical circuit from damages caused by an overload or a short circuit. This ensures that if there is a problem, the circuit breaker will then “trip”, cut the power, and will not allow electricity where the problem is occurring until the problem is fixed.

Sometimes, the problem is as easy as resetting the circuit breaker, but it is very important to find out what device/appliance that initially caused the “trip”. This is important, because if the problem starter is not found, whenever the appliance is used again, it will only cause the circuit breaker to cut the power again.  Even worse, it can result in a fire; therefore, it is important to talk with a Professional Electrician, if you are not knowledgeable on circuit breakers. Resetting a the circuit breaker can be done by turning the switches that are on “off”, back to “on” or by turning off all the electrical switches to off and then switching them back to on.

Other times, the fuse within the circuit box has burned out. Fuses are designed to burnthrough a thin metal strip if the current passing through the fuse exceeds its limit. Once the fuse is removed, it is always recommended to buy the exact type of fuse that was originally installed. Again, if you are not knowledge or do not feel comfortable with the circuit breaker, as electricity can be very dangerous, give A & H Electric a call.

Now we know that the circuit breaker is a crucial device in regulating the electric circuit within a building. If there is a faulty appliance, high electric currents, or exposed wires, the circuit breaker will trip, causing the closed circuit to open in the general area of where the problem resides, and how to fix the problem.



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