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Electrical Tips to Keep the Holidays Merry

The holidays are a joyous time brimming with family gatherings, seasonal events, and glistening displays. But, unfortunately, it is the time of year for increased expenses since you need to purchase holiday gifts, plan holiday feasts, and deck the halls. Fortunately, you can implement some energy-efficient and electrical safety tips like contacting a residential electrician when decorating this season, ensuring the holidays stay merry.

Illuminate Your Holidays Safely

There are many interior and exterior lights, from icicles to projectors, that you can use to illuminate your holidays. However, it is critical to carefully inspect them before use to ensure they are safe, whether new or old. You should check for broken bulbs, cracked sockets, loose connections, or frayed wires. Once they pass this inspection, it’s a good idea to plug them in, looking for issues.

Another essential factor to consider is whether the lights will be used in an indoor or outdoor holiday lighting display since not all are multi-purpose. Before hanging twinkling lights this season, differentiate interior/exterior products by checking the UL listed tag for the approved location or searching specifically for multi-purpose varieties marked with UL’s red holographic label.

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), in collaboration with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), also recommends reading the manufacturer’s instructions to determine how many strands can be safely connected in this year’s “Put a Freeze on Winter Holiday Fires” campaign. Taking preventative measures like these can help prevent electrical failures, which the NFPA says are a leading cause of residential fires.

Save Energy when Decorating

During the winter holidays, school-aged children are on break and distant relatives are visiting, which typically translates to increased energy consumption and higher utility costs. They are also a popular time to shop with the National Retail Federation (NRF), predicting substantial holiday sales as consumers spend a significant amount of money on decorations, gifts, and non-gift purchases.

There are several energy-efficient measures that you can do to save money, allowing you to divert those funds to better use, like having a residential electrician install more circuit breakers to prevent overloading the system as you light up your holiday displays. Energy-saving measures include choosing LED lights, using automatic timers, and turning appliances and electronics off when not being used.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can save approximately 30% on your energy bill while subsequently reducing environmental emissions by setting your thermostat to an efficient yet comfortable temperature during the winter. They also recommend using a programmable or learning thermostat that will lower the heat further when you’re sleeping or away from home.

Need Electrical Repair? Consult a Licensed Electrician

Electrical issues are a significant cause for concern, particularly between November and February. The NFPA says that two out of five residential fires caused by electrical failure or malfunction occurred during this time. So should anything seem amiss as you’re decking the holidays, don’t delay; consult a licensed electrician like A&H Electric to troubleshoot the issues and make the necessary repairs.

A&H Electric Co. has over thirty years of experience providing residential and commercial electrical repair, service, and installation. We offer a full suite of services, not limited to electrical safety inspections and surge protection installation, with all work performed by certified electricians. Please don’t hesitate to make a service appointment with A&H Electric whenever you need a commercial or residential electrician to service your home or business, even if it’s after hours, as we provide 24-hour emergency electrical services.

Employment Opportunities! A&H Electric Co. is currently looking for technicians skilled in residential and commercial electrical repair, service, and installation. If you’re interested in joining our team and would like more information about available positions, please contact us at (936) 756-0442 or complete our online job application.


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