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Light Up Your Holiday; Not Your Power Bill

Christmas is nearly here! So let’s make the most of it by decorating our homes (if you haven’t already). Let’s break out the decorations, set up the tree, light up the house, wrap up the gifts, listen to Christmas carols and make freshly baked gingerbread cookies  – all in the spirit of the holiday.

All this decorating, however, can drive up your power bill by 10 percent or more – depending on how big your display. So how do you light up your holiday; not your power bill? With a few smart moves, many of which are listed below, and a little creativity that’s how.

#1: Make the Switch to LED Christmas Lights

It’s a fact! LED Christmas lights demand far less electricity than old fashioned incandescent bulbs – almost 90% percent less to be exact – thus saving you a significant amount of money on your energy costs. Available in various styles and sizes LED Christmas lights are also safer and more durable.

#2: Timing is Everything

Being smart about when you turn on and how many hours you use your holiday lights or displays can lead to significant savings. You can purchase and set automatic timers throughout your home. We recommend setting your timer so that your lights switch on at 5:00 pm and switch off 4 or 5 hours later.

#3: Battery Operated Decorations

If saving money on your power bill is your primary objective, you may want to consider purchasing holiday decorations such as LED lighted garland, and door wreaths that are battery operated. However, to avoid the cost of replacement batteries, you should purchase batteries that are rechargeable.

#4: Think Smaller

Although the holiday season is the one time of year that the phrase “go big or go home” holds true for many homeowners, especially those attempting to outdo their neighbor – in good natured neighbor rivalry of course – you may want to think smaller if you don’t want to see your power bills skyrocket.

Happy Holidays!!!

~ From your friends at A & H Electric

Informational Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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