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Why Aren’t My Light Bulbs Working?

We will be addressingLightbulb issues some of the lighting issues you may be having in your home or business.  Improper lighting is not only annoying but can be a safety issue

Light Bulbs Flicker: If it’s just one light that is blinking, this probably
means that there is a poor electrical connection in the light fixture.  If
the flickering is in the whole house that could mean that there could be a bad connection in the main wire.

Recessed Light Turns Off: If you have a wall or ceiling light that is flush
to the wall and it keeps going out, this could be that the built-in shut-off
is getting activated from over-heating.  Over-heating can be caused by using
the wrong watt light bulb or an over insulated casing.

Bright Light – Dim Light: If you have some bright lights and some dim lights
in your home or maybe you have appliance burning out for no reason, this may
be a bad main neutral.

We want to remind you that it is not safe to fix these types of wiring
problems by yourself.  This should be left to a professional, let us help!

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