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Replacing a Light Switch

When the word, Electrical, is heard, many people are scared off by the job. This we can understand, because electricity can be very dangerous and life threatening, if handled with incorrectly. For this reason, there are not many things we can recommend to do without a professional electrician.

Nonetheless, there are a few simple task that can be done around the house involving electricity. Have you ever replaced a light switch panel? This needs to be replaced from time to time due to corrosion and/or due to paint. No need to fret, this job can be completed in no time and without injuries, if done properly, of course.

You will need a screwdriver, pair of pliers, and a new light switch panel. First thing first, you must turn off the electricity to the area. From there unscrew the screws and remove the plate cover. Then remove the wires and notice where their placement and what they are connected to.

Lastly, reconnect the wires to the New light switch panel and then place back into the wall. Screw the screws back in, and you have now replaced your very own light switch.


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